From the Book....

From Chapter Two

..... Lost somewhere between a sandwich and surreality a movement startled Jonathan back to reality, a flash of red and blonde imprinted itself in a corner of his retina. Bewildered, he looked back down to the screen. There she was, blonde and red. Electra, now standing perilously close to the edge of a precipice in a landscape that could have been plucked straight out of Tolkien's Middle Earth. Motionless, she stood waiting patiently for Jonathan to turn her and pull her back to safety. 'No. There was something else. Someone else.' It wasn't this Electra that had startled him. It was outside. His brain was telling him that he had just seen Electra walk past out in the street. His brain was also telling him that that was impossible. 'Don't be stupid.' He stared hard through the window, hoping for an answer. No answer. The alarm on his cellphone burbled in his pocket announcing that it was time to logout and return to his desk.

From Chapter Three

........'I see you went for the "girl next door look".' The voice startled her. Turning quickly to her left Morrigan realised for the first time that she was not alone. A paved pathway led away from the belvedere curving across the open hillside before disappearing into a stand of pine trees and a man was standing on the path, maybe five metres from her. She smiled through her apprehension. Now he looked the part. Dark hair almost to his collar, deeply tanned skin, thin moustache and a short, neatly trimmed beard. He was dressed in what appeared to be a leather tunic and trousers with a long cape thrown comfortably, almost casually over his shoulders. A short knife hung at his waist and something or other, a jewel maybe, on the hilt glistened and sparkled in the sunlight. He smiled; friendly and welcoming. 'Apologies My Lady. I did not intend to startle you.'

She laughed, relaxing a little. 'It's okay. I didn't see you there.'

'Well, the first sight of this valley is certainly distracting.' The stranger took two paces towards her and Morrigan felt a tension rising through her spine. 'Don't worry, I don't bite.' He laughed. 'At least, not unless invited to!' She took a pace back and he stopped. 'Okay. I get the message.' He smiled, trying hard to convey some sort of look of reassurance.

'No.... it's just...' she found her voice, if not the words she was after.

'Let me guess. You just got here from Orientation.'

'I guess it's that obvious' she smiled, slightly embarrassed.....

.....'Apologies My Lady, I didn't mean to offend. But if you're going enter the Land of Mirkwood bearing a name like Morrigan you really should at least dress for the part.'

'How?' dammit, she put her mind back three days to the time she had spent groping her way awkwardly around those orientation exercises. 'Yessss.' Morrigan clicked on the man facing her and identified the stranger as Arador.

'Maybe I'm not doing this very well,' he continued, 'but I am trying to help. Or I least I would like to. If you'll allow me. We all have to start somewhere.' .......

From Chapter 5

'You said you're scared?'

'Yes' 'Even though you know you cannot be hurt?'

'Yes….' 'Hold out your arm.'

Electra did as he asked and Vidocq reached across and took her right wrist in his hand. 'Forgive me…..' A slight chill ran down her spine. 'This I really do not understand.'

As he spoke he squeezed Electra's arm, pressing his thumb hard into the soft tissue under the wrist.

'Yow!' she squealed in surprise, pulling her hand back quickly as a jab of pain shot through her arm.....

Back on the other side of the screen, Jonathan also pulled his hand away quickly in shock. He looked down at his wrist as if hoping for some sort of explanation.......... At more or less the equivalent point where Vidocq had pressed into Electra's wrist, Jonathan's own wrist was suddenly throbbing numb, as if from a mild but distinct jolt of electricity........

....... On the second floor of an aging office building in a dusty backstreet of Marseille, Jacques Dubois sat back from his computer screen and took a long drag on the Gitanes that had been lying smouldering across a half full ash tray. The acrid blue smoke hung in the air around him. He felt slightly rattled. Had that girl seen through him or was he just being paranoid? He must be more careful, discrete. All the same she could be helpful; there seemed to be some substance, some wits underneath that pretty, fluffy exterior. His thoughts were interrupted as the office door opened and a younger man entered, coffee in one hand and a bulging file of papers under his arm.

‘E’ Dubois, ça va?’ he greeted. Jacques glanced across and nodded an acknowledgement as the newcomer slid into a chair behind the only other desk in the office. The only concession to the current century on Jacques’ own ancient wooden desk was the almost new computer screen and a keyboard balanced awkwardly across the papers and files that covered the rest of the desktop. The man looked across at him. ‘Still playing games?’ Jacques didn’t respond, he’d heard it before and knew what was coming. ‘You’re getting fat my friend. You should get out on the street and do some proper police work.’ ......

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Images of Tertius?

I do not intend to show. any images of my ideas of what the characters in my book may look like. One of the joys of reading for me is to form my own visual ideas of each character and setting. It will probably be different to your idea. We all read and visualise in our own way. Until somebody else shows you a picture and transforms your idea into their idea whether you like it or not.

I defy anybody who has seen the films to pick up 'The Lord of the Rings' and read it without visualising Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen and so on, in their roles as you read.

So, I'll settle for a Real World place here. A mystical sunset at Pendeen Watch in Cornwall, England. The setting for Chapter 6 in my book.